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Personalising your boots

June 02, 2014

You may already know, but here at Dukes customers have the option to personalise their boots with their initials. We thought we would give you a little insight in to our day of personalising your boots using the most traditional methods:

First of all, we select out your initials that you have chosen to stamp in to your boots. The choices are endless and so we offer a classic font for all:

A heavy duty metal block is inserted in to the ankle part of your boots in order to obtain a flat and even surface ready for stamping and the foil of your choice is prepared (gold, silver, black etc):

Your letters are them stamped by hand using a hot stone plate and the hand tools with your letters. This is an example of us stamping Suke Waterhouse's Dukes:

As our suede boots have a grain, it takes up to 10 stamps to ensure the colour is vibrant and stands out. Here is the final product!