Our new moccasins are now in stock and they are simply beautiful. All made from the softest Italian suede, these shoes are the perfect addition to your wardrobe gents!

Wear them with no socks and they look great with both trousers and shorts - they are an extremely versatile design and so comfy to wear!

Summer is just around the corner but it is not quite shorts and T-shirt weather. We often get asked about staying tips.. and here is an idea to work from for styling Lily, our neon low cut chelsea boot:

Tea break viewing

April 17, 2015

Why shoes from Northampton are a hit in Japan
It finally feels like summer has arrived. We get a lot of enquiries from our lovely customers asking how we style our boots for summer wear..
Here is how we wore them today!
Team up a low cut chelsea boot with a tassel - we bought this one from Etsy and it looks great with the contrasting neon elastic.

Wear in summer evenings with jeans rolled up, or wear with a skirt or shorts for a more festival feel:

Ruby Summer

April 10, 2015

The sun is out today at the Dukes HQ and we are in our Ruby summer boots - the Summer version of the Ruby boot features a slightly lighter navy suede compared to the best selling winter version for a brighter look!

New Boxes Please

April 08, 2015

We are so chuffed with our new boot and shoe boxes which arrived last week! 
Out boxes are all handmade and are hard, meaning that they make the perfect little storage boxes after your shoes arrive in them! It also means that they make super nice gifts :-)

The New Dukes Logo

March 26, 2015

We are pleased to finally release our new logo - a Hare! 
You will find this logo branded discreetly somewhere on our footwear - soles or tongues.
"But why the Hare?" I hear you ask..
Dukes Director Daisy is marrying this summer to become Daisy Hare!
The Dukes team spent the day out yesterday at Goodwood.. here's what we saw!

A wander with Kate

March 07, 2015

Today I went out for a wander in the Dukes "Kate" boots. I paired them with black straight leg jeans (although skinnier would be better to avoid knee wrinkling), a white t shirt and my favourite brown cardi. 

I love this outfit and these boots are perfect for it! They are super soft boots and are really comfy to wear, I wear these boots a lot for those random strolls on the weekend!

DUKES store

February 23, 2015

The first Dukes store has opened! Come and pay us a visit: 26 Boxpark, Shoreditch

Dukes boots at Boxpark pop up

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